by Kristina on June 19, 2017

Its My birthday today…so be sure to go to My Amazon Wishlist and buy Me something!!!


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by Kristina
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by Kristina on June 6, 2017

Who wants to be the next cockwhore to star in My new facefucking video series?!

I cant be bothered to go through My emails and texts to verify who can film and when…so I’m putting out a message to those Ive been chatting with Me about serving in My cocksucker series MASKED MEN.

I want to film Wednesday of next week, June 14th…are you able to serve?

Email me (or text) to claim the spot as My sloppy suckslut for everyone to see!!!


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by Kristina
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by Kristina on June 6, 2017

The weather wasnt very good at the beach this weekend, but we found a way to warm things up!!!

Seeing My wife on her belly, legs spread and reaching back to pull her big juicy ass cheek back to expose her pussy for My throbbing hard shecock…it doesn’t get hotter than that.



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by Kristina on May 31, 2017

Im happy to report that My shecock is back in fully functioning fuck mode!!!

After taking a week to rest My poor penis after an injury while pounding pussy last weekend, I was nervous to engage in any hard sex…but inevitably I can not contain My sexual addiction for long and I was ready to give My shecock a workout…hoping that it was fully healed.

And luckily, it held up to hours of deep penetration and lots of fast fucking!!!



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by Kristina on May 25, 2017

I can’t help Myself…but when I see a sub wearing a chastity cage, I want to fuck them so bad!!!

As a tranny, it is often just assumed that you are a “bottom”, that you hate having a cock and really just want to be taken by a man and have your pussy pounded…this is NOT the case with Me.

So perhaps when I see a dickie trapped in a chastity cage I’m just more “comfortable”?!

But at the same time, I enjoy the “look” of a slave wearing a cage…the visual immediately has an impact on Me and I get super horny (and hard) whenever I even see a photo of a cock in a CB 3000…it makes Me want to bend the bitch over and cause that cage to dangle between his legs while I pound the pussy.

Really, there’s no use for one of My sextoys to have a cock, much less an erection.

Its all about My shecock and I love not having to “worry” about your dickie, to not concern Myself with your orgasm…or worse of all, that you are going to expect Me to somehow be responsible for taking care of your clitty in any way…because to Me it is worthless in My sexual pleasure.

When I see you in chastity…I see a big piece of pussy for Me to fuck the cum out of (and into)!!!



by Kristina
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by Kristina on May 24, 2017

Its something I have feared for years and it finally happened…I injured My dick!!!

This weekend I was fucking My wife with long full “pull-out” strokes…because I love when Ive fucked it for hours and opened it up, making the pussy just gape when I slide My shecock all the way out and easily push it back inside the open hole.

But because I get so turned on by this, My cock gets super hard, its like a teenage hard-on…pointing straight up…and when I went to slam it back in, the head hit her pelvic bone with incredible force, causing slight pain, but I kept fucking for a while and eventually shot a huge load.

As we lay in bed after, I notice that My foreskin was not sliding back over the tip of My shecock.

I must have pulled a muscle in the head, because there was this huge swolling area right under My the slit…so of course I was nervous…especially since its something Ive feared many times before and was lucky not to have had happen.

I passed out with anxiety that My shecock would now be “broken” and disfigured…but in the morning the swelling had gone down and there was just a bit of soreness.

Ever since, Ive been kinda scared to get a really raging erection…Im nervous it will come back :(



by Kristina
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by Kristina on May 18, 2017

Do you ever have the feeling that you just cant seem to get Me (or My shecock) out of your head?!

So many men find their sexuality in question when their masturbation begins to revolve around My sex…soon their most erotic pleasure is felt under My seductive control…becoming an addicted stroke slave for My sadistic pleasures and being used to bring My fetish fantasies to life.

Its time once again to get on your knees to kiss My boots and become “Kristina’s cockwhore“.

Watch SEDUCTRESS now!!!




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by Kristina on May 17, 2017

My body clock is changing to fit My crazy sleeping schedule for summer, so Im up too early today!!!

On the weekends, My wife and I love to be up early enough to run the puppies on the beach with no one around…which means either getting up at 7am or staying up all night long…either way, My patterns of sleep will be all over the place for the next few months.

Lucky for Me, the only job I have is being a sex addicted spoiled Tranny Goddess :)



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by Kristina on May 16, 2017

OMG…I need this rubber fetish hood for a sissy to wear in My cocksucker series, Masked Men!!!

Get it for Me/you now



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by Kristina on May 16, 2017

The gorgeous weather today is reminding Me of how much I love My weekend beach fuckfests!!!

There’s something special about sex when you are allowed the luxury of indulging at any moment, while spending your “downtime” in the most gorgeous place…because being able to spend every weekend at our vacation home on Fire Island is one of My favorite parts of My life.

I can’t wait for this summer to officially kick off…parties, art, drugs, sex and nature!!!



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May 16, 2017

Lets face it…there’s no question…but its always fun to hear you say “YES MISTRESS“!!! My shecock is dripping in My new upcoming video…and I know you want every drop.

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May 15, 2017

I know my control is powerful and addicting when one of My bitchboys tells Me he’s between jobs, but still buys Me the shorts and dresses I want for My summer wardrobe…and then asks to buy Me more, with the last few dollars in his account…giving Me all that he has  

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May 14, 2017

I’m now officially obsessed with finding the proper cock ring to bring Me pleasure!!! Its something that has been suggested to Me over the years by plenty of friends or slaves, but I still have not had My first “amazing” cock ring experience that everyone talks about, because I don’t believe I have found the […]

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May 12, 2017

I’ve put a few things on My Amazon Wishlist that are MUST HAVES…so be sure to get them for Me!!! There are some gorgeous flowing sheer dresses that I love to wear on the beach…and super short shorts that I can wear all around the city to torment guys with My hot ass and sexy […]

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May 11, 2017

Favorite moment of the day: realizing the guy sucking your shecock like a whore is a NYC cop!!! He told Me he’s been jerking off to My videos forever and was desperate to finally get the chance to serve…lucky for him, when I woke up this morning I wanted a titty sucking slave to serve […]

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May 10, 2017
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Even after the session is over…this hungry whore follows Me everywhere I go to get every single drop!!!

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May 9, 2017

Why am I spending (your) money on going to a salon to get pedicures, when you can do it for Me?!! Since I’ve had so much good luck lately finding new servants for choring and whoring, I figured I’d try again and put out a public call for a submissive that knows how to give […]

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May 4, 2017

My wife and I will be staying at a hotel in Manahattan Saturday May 13th and we are looking for potential playmates to come party in our fabulous hotel room for the evening. Daddies, voyeurs, sissies, sucksluts, toiletwhores…we are open!!!  

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May 4, 2017

Someone (not sure who) sent Me a latex hood to use in My new cocksucker series Masked Men!!! I cant wait to see who I will slide into the shiny sexy latex mask to gag and choke with My shecock and then watch My cum drip down the slick vinyl and into My whore’s open […]

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May 3, 2017

Did you recently email Me…are you waiting patiently for Me to reply? Well…if I havent already, more than likely, I’m not going to…unless you do your job as an amorous little subbie and continue to send Me emails until you finally receive a message back…because otherwise you can easily get lost in My crazy world […]

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