April 2015


April 29, 2015
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On a gorgeous afternoon like this, I like to lounge around looking sexy and getting My ass licked!!! I’m always excited to celebrate ASS WEDNESDAY, but especially when the weather is cool and the sun is shining…it just makes having My puckerhole worshipped even more enjoyable…as I lay back in My big comfy bed and […]

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April 28, 2015

I’m not looking forward to My day of laser treatment at all today!!! There are many unglamorous and uncomfortable aspects of translife that are the simply realities of taking this journey and each of us suffers in varying degrees…but there’s nothing easy about transforming yourself into what you always wanted to become…but its worth it […]

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April 28, 2015
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I love getting back to what I do best…being a glammed up porn Mistress and stroking My shecock!!! Slipped into something satiny and sexy today to shoot My next masturbation video and shot a huge load.

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April 24, 2015

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of talk in the porn world about “sissy shame” being politically incorrect!!! When I began working in the world of phone sex I was quickly introduced to many sexual fantasies that I hadn’t been aware of before I started talking to men about their deepest desires. I will admit […]

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April 23, 2015

Many of you have been begging Me to log on for calls more…so today I’ll be around to chat!!! Though I’ve been very busy lately, I never forget about My subs, sissies, sluts and strokers that need My control…which is why I’m taking extra time out today for calls on Niteflirt. And I’m even offering […]

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April 23, 2015

Lately I’ve been so busy renovating My apartment that I haven’t filmed any new videos!!! I’m usually backed up on editing My work, but in the past few months I haven’t been shooting as much as I always did…but I’ll be filming some new hot videos soon and bringing My naughty ideas to life. Its […]

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April 21, 2015

All through My life I have found Myself feeling like I just don’t “fit in” with any group!!! Its very clear that I was never going to find Myself in mainstream associations, but over the years there have been a few sub culture groups that on the surface seemed to incompass the independent and subversive […]

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April 19, 2015

I’ve been trying on clothes for hours, deciding what I’ll wear to the Queer Porn Film Festival!!! The event is tomorrow and I will need more than one outfit, since there are workshops in the afternoon, a film festival in the evening and an after party where they will be filming a live porn movie. So […]

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April 16, 2015
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I love the new crazy sunglasses I got from one of My favorite drag queens Trixie Mattel!!! Not only are these whacky shades fashioned after her over-the-top eye makeup, they are delivered in a bright pink bubble wrap envelope…it was so exciting to see them in My mailbox and I can’t wait to wear them […]

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April 15, 2015

I’ve been away this past weekend but I’m back and looking for a pet to play with!!! Although I get a lot of requests from My fans to serve, every once in awhile I like to find a new sextoy to use and I decide to place an ad on Craigslist to get a flood […]

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April 9, 2015

I was chatting with a new caller on Niteflirt and we discovered we used to live on the same block!!! I can’t believe how small the world can be sometimes…but when you’re talking to a person that you never knew, who now lives thousands of miles away, and you discover that you both lived on […]

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April 8, 2015

Whenever My bedsheets come back from the laundry I’m reminded of what I’ve done!!! In the hot moments of sex, I don’t care what oils, lubes or juices leak onto My egyptian cotton sheets because I’m never going to stop Myself from getting what I want…but later I breathe a sigh of defeat when I […]

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April 5, 2015

If you’re eating something sweet or getting an orgasm treat…think of Me on this special holiday!!! HAPPY EASTER EVERY BUNNY!!!    

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April 3, 2015
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I’ve decided to lock  you up in a chastity cage while you watch (and help) Me stroke My shecock!!! I know how much you love to masturbate, but I’m going to put you in total denial…proving that you are just a plaything for My sadistic sexual pleasure…as I stroke My cock and you’re trapped in chastity. […]

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April 2, 2015

I’ve been knee deep in heels, dresses, lingerie, corsets and stockings as I organize My new closet!!! The process of turning My spare bedroom into a giant closet has been overwhelming…not only because of the extensive construction and decoration, but also due to the amount of stuff that I need to fit into it. Hundreds […]

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April 1, 2015

I’ve never been a fan or playing jokes or pranks…but I love a good foolish submissive!!! Instead of stupid shock tactics and surprises, I prefer to fill My April Fools Day with the sexual antics of My minions…so today I want to be dazzled by your ability to completely debase yourself for My amusement, discarding […]

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