by Kristina on September 21, 2017

People often ask Me if there are any negative side effects to living as an open sex addict!!!

It seems most everyone places such a negative stigma on sexual indulgences, theres a natural assumption that like other things that are addictive (i.e.: drugs or gambling), there’s a part of yourself that you lose…something “good” must be sacrificed for the addiction to be accepted.

And while I have met many other sexacholics that have practiced unsafe actions or gotten themselves into jeopardy because of their proclivities, I am very lucky that My dominant pleasures have kept Me safe in a world of weak willing men, who can’t fight My sensual control.

I live happily in a world of masturbation, play sessions with slaves and lots of orgasms.

But today…as Im struggling to get out the door to run My errands and meet friends for dinner, I’m reminded of one “drawback” to allowing your desires to be unleashed whenever they should arise…its the frustration of being stuck in a sexual whirlwind and unable to stop yourself, even when you know there are other things that need to be done…because ignoring reality almost makes it hotter.

So I sit here now, typing to My slaves about My sex addiction…My shecock hard and dripping from hours of edging and the massive cumload that I’ve already shot today all over My slave “jeffy’s” face…and sharing this moment with you excites Me much more than going to buy mascara or eat foreign food.

But in the end, My sex addiction never turns out to be a negative…. because as I’ve been delayed in My departure due to obsessive stroking on My shecock…a slave is buying Me a giftcard to get the makeup I want at the MAC store…so in the end, My addiction turns out to be a postive :)


by Kristina
on September 21, 2017 in tmistress

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