by Kristina on January 19, 2012

Last night My friend Shannon came over and we abused My houseboy!!!

She had just come back from Toys in Babeland, after selecting her new strapon…having decided to upgrade in size from her previous cock…Shannon was excited to show off her new piece and see how it fit into a faggot’s hole.

So of course, she knew that My houseboy is always available for My friends and that I love to see him get abused…so she dropped by with a bottle of wine for us…and a bottle of lube for him!

It started off with sucking, after he submissively helped her undress and slip into her strap-on…he stroked her cock, as if it were real…he massaged her thighs as he sucked her 9.5 inch monster, eventually pumping both hands up and down her now-wet shaft as he popped the fat knob head in and out of his whore lips.

This all made Me so hard that I had to join in the action…both Shannon and I sitting back on the sofa together with the whore on his knees, one hand on each of our cocks…his mouth rushing back and forth between us, ensuring that each dick was shown proper devotion…and I bet the constant leaking of precum from My shecock made her strap-on dong taste and feel even more real.

But the fun truly began when we decided to break out My collection of toys!!!

We continued to use his mouth to slobber on all the cocks, but we also began to abuse his slave pussy…lining up the toys and using them from smallest to biggest…gradually stretching his asshole and enjoying the strain in his eyes and the whimper in his voice as he took each one, thicker and longer than the last.

After about two hours of using My houseboy as our own personal fucktoy, I finally shot My load down his throat as I watched Shannon pumping her strap-on cock into his hole relentlessly and felt him crying out on My shecock as she raped him!

Shannon was a little disppointed that I didnt pull out and cum all over his face so she could see it squirt…but I told her…thats what NEXT TIME Is for!!!

by Kristina
on January 19, 2012 in 2 girls

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slut Jessi May 27, 2012 at 8:12 am

Goddes, i love this story. Serving you would be such an honor in so many ways.


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