by Kristina on April 2, 2018

I find Myself at a very interesting point in My growth and career as a trans Mistress pornstarlet!!!

Last night I was looking at My website, trying to become “inspired” by the next steps I want to take, what I want My website to accomplish and to what degree I want My website to be a part of My life.

Its difficult to explain the way My career as a Domina and online exhibitionist has truly been a piece of art  work, not the typical “I fell into porn because I was desperate” story, I have crafted both a lifestyle and an income, based off what I love most…sex.

Over ten years ago, I decided to embrace My sex addiction and I took all the skills and training I had working as a personal assistant in NYC and applied them to porn…quickly having great success as a phonesex operator and then launching My Own website seven years ago.

For most girls (trans or not), when you go into porn it is usually a “last resort”…for Me it was fulfilling a dream…and being able to live out My erotic adventures for the world to see, while making money to ensure I never had to work a 9 to 5 job again…and that I could be completely self employed…allowing Me to be fully in charge of My life and future.

To viewers/fans…I’m sure it seems like a simple act of turning on a camera and jerking off.

But for Me to have the level of success I’ve achieved without ever working for a porn company, who would use Me like a puppet, I taught Myself how to build websites and edit videos and continue to evaluate My “business” based off My sexual desires…the needs of My shecock reign supreme.

Its such an amazing gift…to live everyday never having to tell Myself  NO.

However, with that freedom to spend days in masturbation marathons and nights using sexslaves, comes a huge amount of work, both physically and mentally, since My form of domination is very consuming.

And because I have a goal to continue as a porn Goddess for the rest of My life, My approach is about keeping Myself happy and healthy, while staying focused on the addiction that My intense sexuality creates, so I can enjoy it…never letting it become a negative thing.

I look back over what I’ve created through My website over the years…thinking of the way it felt in the moment and they way it will evolve in a new world of sexual indulgences.

It may seem simple, to just “do it”…but I want to evolve as a Person and a Mistress, in a way that doesnt just continue to rehash what I have done because it is a guaranteed success.

I feel My mind and soul yearning to conjure a whole new way to blow your world apart and force you to become even more enthralled and addicted to Me than you already have been all these years.

I can’t even explain how much I want to make My tranny body a temple of sex for the world.

But…its coming…I can feel My mind crafting the next steps of My career of control and cum!!!


by Kristina
on April 2, 2018 in tmistress

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