by Kristina on February 8, 2018

Ive been very curious about the rumored “high” you can get from a large dose of estrogen!!!

I take a regular dose of two Estradiol twice a day, but some of My friends who get their hormones in the form of a shot have told Me about the intensified effects of taking estrogen in a larger amount…bragging about the wonderful feeling of it flooding their body and making them feel “more feminine” and can often have the result of feeling like you’ve taken an intoxicating drug.

So I decided to do My Own experiment with My estrogen pills, taking a lot at one time.

I know its not recommended (so all My tgurl galpals can shut up)…but I withheld from taking My estrogen for a few days and then last night took six pills (two more than My usual whole daily dose).

I dont know what the fuck they are talking about…perhaps its different with the shot, but when I flooded My system with a high pill dosage, I did NOT feel “high”…it was more like having My period…emotions, tears, titty sensitivity and then I couldnt sleep.

I’ll stick to smoking weed when I want to get high and take My pills as My doctor recommends!!!


by Kristina
on February 8, 2018 in tmistress

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