by Kristina on January 17, 2018

While laying around in bed sick for two weeks, I decided to join Grindr for fun…and it wasnt!!!

I dont know what is happening in My head, but it seems like the entire world of submissives is turning into fucking retarded wastes…and I dont mean that in a good way (like usual…hahaha).

Is it the internet finally burning out the brains of all the men who contact Me?

As I got over the worst part of My cold, I still needed to rest, but was feeling extremely horny…so My girlfriend suggested I check out Grindr (the social/sex app), swearing that she meets the hottest guys to fuck on there…its a bevy of bottoms waiting to be used like sissy sexslaves.

And yes, there are plenty of guys begging for My shecock, but as usual as I read the idiotic replies or cookiecutter subby statements, it seems like everyone really just isnt “My type”…the average whore isnt good enough for Me anymore…years of sexy sissies that serve like true oral slaves and guys that will let Me objectify them as I destroy their manhood, has spoiled Me and raised My expectations.

However, even My Own boytoys are boring Me…and perhaps what one of My whores said recently is true, that My style of extreme domination “burns a guy out“…leaving him feeling fucked in the head and scared of what will happen if he continues to serve Me at the accelerated rate that I require.

Maybe Ive reached some plateau of perversion and pleasure?

Perhaps Ive exhausted all the smart, filthy, fun and servile men in the NYC area?!!!


by Kristina
on January 17, 2018 in tmistress

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