by Kristina on February 28, 2018

I can not help but share this RETARDED email that I received…and My sweet reply!!!


Dear Mistress Kristina,
i as a worthless male slut took your threat to end your website very
i.m sorry but it did kind of made me a bit mad that after sending you all
those gifts,and joining your site,and not just as a monthly little wanker
boi but as a full time member, a member unlike most of your little wanker
slaves,as i am the property of a full time real Dominant Queen,who by the
way was very interested in watching you abuse and use Her bitch in front of
Her,that you just threatened to end your site because not enough of your
sluts were sending you tributes,which i can understand if you are into it
just for the money,but my Mistress allowed me to jerk my tiny p p,to you
because she saw that you seemed as though you were actually real and not
like the others that only do it for the money! so when Mistress Teresa saw
your post saying you were ending it,She instructed me to end my
membership,and told me not to send anymore gifts,and also told me that
until i find a real Tranny Goddess that i will stay in my chastity device
and not be allowed to tug on my tiny little p p!!!
which obviously makes me sad,cuz i,m the horniest little fag bitch slut on
the planet! thats why i was so upset when i read that post about you ending
it,actually,Mistress Teresa read it,as i am not allowed computer privileges
without her being present,she knows i will be constantly tugging away at my
tiny thing!
but now Mistress informs me that you are still doing the website,but she
wont allow me to rejoin. i,ve been begging and begging but she just wont
allow it,she allows me to look for another tranny Goddess that we can
hopefully become friends with,and allow me to be used by the Goddess and
her friends,but she just wont allow me to rejoin your site. She said if she
was sure you wouldnt do that again,or at the very least,have a conversation
with you,and get to know you as person,then she would allow it maybe,but i
am not even allowed to browse sites that you are listed on,and that upsets
me because you are so beautiful and sexy and have a natural Dominance about
you,i wanted so badly for you and my Mistress to become friends,she says it
would be hilarious for the entire world to see me for the fag boy bitch i
am sucking shecock and eating ass on video and begging for it! But Mistress
Teresa took your threat to end your site literal,and she wont allow me to
watch any of your vids or look at your pics again! and thats upsetting
because i,ve become infatuated with you and the way you treat us slave
cunts and cum dumpsters,and being that we live in berkshire county in
Mass,its not that far of a drive to visit you if you and Mistress Teresa
hit it off,which i know you would have cuz your kind of the same,at least
what i can tell from your online persona!
anyways, thats all i have to say, i,m sorry i cant view you anymore, it
really is very upsetting. and just so you know,my Mistress is siting right
here as i kneel and write this,i am not allowed on computer without Her
being here,and She ordered me to write you,i just wanted you to know this.

Humbly yours and in submission,

faggot slut daphnee the cumdumpster




I’m only taking the time to write this because it amuses Me slightly.

so…let Me speak directly to you “both”.

I don’t give a fuck what ANYONE thinks of Me or My domination.

How many years have you run a website?
How far back does your blog go?
How many hundreds of emails do you receive a day?
How many videos are online of you?

If your answer is anywhere near the 15 years Ive been training men…the over seven years of blogging and making hundreds of videos…than you would understand that Im not a fucking robot…and at some point, I choose to do WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT…because I don’t do anything “for” money…but I still get lots of it…and I deserve it…all of it, that which I take and that which is simply given.

But I suspect your answer isn’t anywhere near Mine.
While your life experience may be vast…Im interested if you could even make a list of the 27 things that go into simply POSTING a video, much less filming and editing them.

And an intellectual Mistress, would easily be able to see that My posts were not about monetary value, but instead, consistent obedience and reenforcement.

To be honest…as a Domme, Im shocked you would even oversee the dribble of this slave trying to “top from the bottom”.

I imagine the idea here is…I’ll feel so compelled to have this turd as a member of My website that I’ll reply with some “promise that I wont do that again”.

is there even a real Domme in the fucking room?

Mistress needs Me to promise?

I’ll Domme both your weak asses…because no REAL Mistress would even settle for this passive aggressive idiocy.

Im a fucking superstar cunt Domina…your existence can not even conceive what I have experienced in My years of presenting Myself to the world.

I suspect you’re not even real…but if you are, I would never be “friends” with a woman that would allow some pathetic thing to construct such a transparent piece of shit right under her nose.

LASTLY…dont join My site again…EVER!!!


by Kristina
on February 28, 2018 in tmistress

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