by Kristina on March 7, 2018

I wonder how many of the strokers that obsess over My website have tried sex addiction therapy?!!

I know of several guys that have sought out therapy while serving Me and having done phonesex since My teens, I’ve spoken to a lot of subs that attempt to control their “dirty little habits” with analysis…but I got to thinking, of the thousands of viewers who frequent My website, what is the percentage of those who fight their desires with trips to a therapist or recovery group.

As I was checking out a friend’s sex blog, I noticed that he spoke openly about his recent attempt to get a handle of, what he called, “out of control” behavior…spending hours on sex apps, instead of actively engaging in dating people first…turning down plans to meet friends, to instead have sex all afternoon.

All I thought to Myself was…WHAT IS WRONG WITH ANY OF THAT?!

As a friend, I guess Im supposed to support him…but all I want to say is NO, dont give up, have more sex, push yourself harder…be an even bigger slut.

But I guess thats not the “right” thing to say…although I literally dont know why.

Its a social expectation to support someone who is trying to “recover”…but I dont believe that its necessary…and I really dont believe its possible…because no one that Ive known who has tried sex addiction therapy has ever “recovered”.

I know people who have recovered from alcohol or drug addiction, but not a single person has found healing in denying themselves sexual indulgences…in fact, its the opposite…they are sad and unfulfilled and always return the sex that brings them so much pleasure.

So it leaves Me wondering…how many of My minions have tried/failed with sex addiction therapy!!!


by Kristina
on March 7, 2018 in tmistress

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