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by Kristina on September 24, 2012


Every sissy needs to have her very special box of goodies that helps to transform and feminize!!!

There’s a lot of glitter and gloss that is required for a weak sub to give off the sexuality and attitude of a real whore…shiny tight dresses, clinging thigh high stockings, tall stripper heels, cocksucker red lipstick, and a few fun toys…each of these items becomes a tool in your transformation.

Which is why this assignment is all about taking the steps to get all your sissy supplies!!!


There are so many frilly and pretty things a sissy can acquire for playtime and dressing…but there are a few key items that I believe every bitch needs to feel “the part” and be able to take steps to instantly have their manhood stripped and enable them to transform into a fem sexslave.

panties- pink, silky, sexy and emasculating…no man can feel secure in his masculinity in a pair of thong panties…so the first thing every sissy needs is a few pairs of delicate pink panties.

makeup- taking the time to prepare your “face” is a seductive process, even with just a few vamping tools…redliptick with a sexy gloss, foundation/cover-up, mascara and a slutty red nailpolish.

stockings- silky and feminine, nylons are by far the best way to slip into something sexy and instantly feel feminized…because they scream sensuality and feel so good against your skin.

heels- super slutty stripper heels are vital to really submerging yourself in that “pornstar” look which I love for My sissies…tall platform heels can be purchased in most any size and color nowadays, so its easy for any bitchboy to get a pair…just add TWO to your male size and order online.

clubdress- every gurl feels more seductive in something tight and trampy…so I advise all My whores to get a shiny slut dress that makes their clitties hard as soon as the see that metallic sex wear.

wigs- whether you can have a collection or are able to have just one in your kit, a sexy wig will make all the difference in taking your sissy experience to the next level of indulgent submission.

sextoys- since the true purpose of a sissy is sex, I expect your kit to be supplied with a vibrator, dildo, lubrication and condoms…keeping you always ready to take cock and be abused like a sextoy.


The best place for every femwhore to get the sexy sissywear needed for playing is online…there are lots of sites for sissification speciality items, but I find that amazon is great sources for stripper heels in sizes over 10, cheap and slutty dresses, wigs, makeup, and lingerie.

However, there is a certain emasculating experience that can only be felt when you venture into a Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s of Hollywood store to browse through women’s intimates and seek out your size…or even asking a clerk for help, nervous that she knows your secret.


Once you have your sissy items secured, its important to find a box or case that can house all your lovely sissy things…depending on your “privacy” issues, you can choose whatever is best for your situation…but every time you go for that “kit”, your bitchy-clit will begin to respond…when you touch that carriage of feminization, the sexslut deep inside you begins to overflow with excitement to dress and perform…and every time you put it away until your next submission, you will know that all those glossy girly things are waiting to call you back into the surrendering to your sissy self.

Now…I want you to pull out your sissy kit and play for Me…slowly ready yourself for sensuality with glossy lips and tight clinging stripper wear…act like you’re seducing Me with your movement and femmy flirtation…lavish your sextoys with lustful servitude…and become the best emasculated fembitch you can be, using whatever items you have in your special SISSY KIT!!!


by Kristina
on September 24, 2012 in blog pic

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daphinegurl March 28, 2015 at 5:09 pm

Love the feeling of being a sissy


Puffy Swallows March 28, 2015 at 10:37 pm

As soon as I get to Palm Springs in 6 months I will give my mind, heart, body and soak to Shemales, Sissies and Ladyboys and they dress me up to be cum swallowing super star. All my love puffyswallows!


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