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by Kristina on September 10, 2011


Most every man has spent the better part of his life masturbating!!!

And because they have stroked so many times, it can strip away the excitement and rush of a stimulating session of cock work…but I pride Myself on taking control of a man’s masturbation and making it matter again.

I like to show a slave that the simple act of stroking can become an event and something that brings the ultimate orgasm pleasure…when under the guided hand of a powerfully sexual Mistress.

In this assignment you’ll learn just how much it means to masturbate, by being denied the privilege of jacking, while still having to stimulate your hard frustrated cock…with some serious PILLOW HUMPING.



The first thing you need to do is select your pillow for humping…it can be a pillow from the sofa or from your bed…I prefer you use the one you sleep with, so the smell of balls and precum will be with you as you go to bed each night.

The pillow needs to be soft enough to allow your cock to feel the plushness around the shaft as it pumps…but it should also be firm enough to supply some sort of resistance to your enraged rod.


Next you’ll need to become acquainted with the humbling act of pillow humping…instead of just sitting back and stroking as you always have, you’ll have to work hard to find the proper positions to get the rubbing sensation that you need.

Sample it on your side…try it on your back…humping on your belly with one foot on the floor…just approach it from every angle to find out what works best and develop a routine that alternates positions, to keep you on the edge of frustration.

CLICK HERE to watch an inspiring video clip!!!


Once you’ve established your best humping positions, its time to pump your pecker into that pillow…dedicated to denying yourself actual masturbation, you’ll rub your cock into the softness and feel the aching need to stroke.

I expect at least one hour of frustrated fucking, but you should put yourself to the test and see how long you can last before you finally have to break down and grab your swollen shaft in your hand and jerk out a load for Me!!!

When you spend an afternoon being restricted from stroking, you suddenly have a better understanding and appreciation for masturbation…and once you put your hand around your dick again, you’ll feel a new sense of excitement.

 Or maybe some of you will discover that stroking was never really for you anyway (I’m talking to all those little dickies out there) and that pillow humping is a better way of stimulating yourself.

In the end, an assignment that controls and still stimulates is always a great way to train any submissive for My cock control!!!

by Kristina
on September 10, 2011 in bdsm

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robert hibbs May 14, 2013 at 6:23 am

ms I came across Your website last night I love it!do you ever come to nj/I work in clark nj and would love to have a session with you you could even photo me and make a movie ill sign ove rthe rites ill tell u any info u want about me and do anything for a session

you slave robert


robert hibbs May 14, 2013 at 6:27 am

btw I am a 52 yr old white married sub male


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