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by Kristina on March 11, 2012


There’s nothing that makes you feel more feminized than a pair of silky pink panties!!!

Even the most rugged and manly men are instantly emasculated when stripped naked and forced to wear sexy panties…his voice might be deep, body may be hair and cock could be throbbing…but when the soft silky fabric is pulled over his raging rod, he’s transformed into a total sissy bitch.

So for this assignment, you only need to do one thing…wear panties for Me!!!

Take the afternoon (or as much time as you’re able) to prance around in your gurly undies and stroke your dickie…feel the way your body’s posture changes and how your sexual stimulation is intensely increased just by adding panties to your playtime.

Soon you’ll see how much better masturbation is and you’ll want to wear panties for Me everyday!

Watch this clip to get inspired for your PANTY DAY!!!

by Kristina
on March 11, 2012 in bdsm

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