by Kristina on December 6, 2016

I feel a great pride when I look back at the amount of men that have served as My slut!!!

There are some that still submit to My sexual control on a regular basis and others who were allowed a few sessions as My servant…but all men remember their time with Me…even if I may not recall them.

I got a message from a slave…when I told him I didn’t remember him, this was his reply…

i am an older guy from connecticut. one day after i sucked you, you fell semi asleep on your bed, i was laying behind you. You had Your clitty poking back out towards me and i sucked you and licked your bottom as you relaxed. i think of that so often.

served you about six times.

And with just that little bit…I was completely taken back to that moment in My bed…even though it had seemed to disappear from My memory, there is was…just filed away with a years and years of wonderful filthy fun with so many naughty friends…mixed in with all the sex marathons of My life.


by Kristina
on December 6, 2016 in tmistress

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