by Kristina on March 13, 2018

Its clear that sex rehab therapy isn’t helping anyone…so Im making My Own program!!!

After I made a recent post about questioning how many of My viewers are victims of (inevitably) failed attempts to rehabilitate themselves through therapy or recovery groups, Ive heard many stories from strokers that validate My notions that no amount of psychological evaluation is ever going to stop the truly powerful and fulfilling life of sex addiction can bring once you’ve surrendered.

All through history people have professed to understand how to control the need for pleasure…they’ve created “steps” to help you work your way to nothingness…and they believe their systems of sexual rehab will save you from a life of torrid indulgence.

I however, think I should officially start My Own program of harnessing your perversions!!!


by Kristina
on March 13, 2018 in tmistress

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