by Kristina on January 18, 2018

Just as I was griping about Grindr, today I got a message from a guy that made Me smile :)


by Kristina
on January 18, 2018 in tmistress

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fagot_daphnee January 19, 2018 at 6:16 pm

Dear Mistress Kristina,
this humble slut/fag bitch is deeply saddened by seeing Mistress is not happy with her followers and considering ending the only website worth pulling our little p p’s too!
You are a TRUE Goddess and this fag has spilled literally gallons of fag spooty watching your vids and reading your words!
i sincerely hope Princess Kristina finds what she needs and hope Mistress enjoyed the gifts i sent her !
i owe alot more to you then just those gifts and my membership tribute!
this fairy fag now understands his true place,on my knee’s,mouth open,tongue out,little p p caged as its NOT about my desires or needs,but IS about Princess Kristina’s needs! this little bitch will miss you Mistress!
i do not know how i will ever get a tiny erection or sexual feeling again without you Mistress!!!
thank you for everyhing


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