by Kristina on February 28, 2018

And this is the reply…calling Me faggot and tranny…wow, Im so sorry I didnt meet this “couple”!!!

dont worry you worthless piece of shit tranny bitch we wont ever join your
site again!
I was ordering my slut to write you as a courtesy,but obviously you are to
stupid to realize what he was writing!
just interested in the money,thats exactly what I thought!
pathetic males paying some bimbo boy with hormone treatments to jerk off
and yes bitch,we are very real,been in this lifestyle longer then you've
been alive!
I guess unless there is a dollar bill attached to it then you dont have the
common decency to understand or realize that he was doing what he was
told,and in a way trying to explain why you will never get my money ever
again! I guess all that fag cum you swallowed over the years killed what
little brain cells you ever had.
he was very polite,and you were nothing but a complete and total ignorant
and by the way fruity too's, it doesnt make you a genius to make a video or
edit one,we've done hundreds, but seeing how I happen to be a city
employee,and he happens to be not only a retired U.S.Army Ranger,he is also
a very successful businessman,which you would have found out  if you had an
ounce of dignity or brains!

you dont ever have to worry about  getting our money or anyones we know
money ever again fruity pie!


oh and your blocked along with any emails coming from that isp number cum

email address:
by Kristina
on February 28, 2018 in tmistress

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