by Kristina on March 25, 2018

I got this email today from someone on Niteflirt Ive never spoken to…any guesses on My answer?!!!

Hi there 

Hoping you’d be up for a kinky role play. Would you role play that your super slutty trashy hooker? And I don’t have a clue about your secret I just know your really hot. You come in tell me what your wearing all the dirty services you provide and the prices but there’s a catch…..your on your period. Lol so you tell me unfortunately you can’t fuck…….unless it’s in your ass. Your so fucking hot I can’t say no to that. So you start sucking me while you blow me you up sell your ass and tell me if i pay a little more I can have it bareback. I can’t say no while i fuck you you remind me that your a dirty hooker and I’m fucking your ass without a condom….then it happens I fill you ass and you reveal your secret..  and you have secretly recorded our encounter and if I want to keep this a secret I’ll have to do anything you want.

What do you think hot or not?


by Kristina
on March 25, 2018 in tmistress

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