by Kristina on March 27, 2018

Im very excited for summer to arrive and be able to start showing off My body again!!!

When you are in transition, your body is literally in a constant state of change…some very visible ways and in other ways that cant be seen…and as time passes, you can sometimes spend so much energy in understanding your mental state of being, that you can lose track of those gradual physical differences.

Lately, I feel like My body has made a few slight “improvements” that I’m excited to show off.

Winter has robbed Me of that daily awareness of My curves…as you run around in layers trying to keep warm…but in summer, its merely a short cotton dress…it allows Me to be so much more aware of Myself, I love it…the way men react to Me, the way women react to Me, the way My titties feel when they bounce as Im walking down the street, nipples beaming through the thin fabric.

FUCK…its going to be a HOT summer!!!


by Kristina
on March 27, 2018 in tmistress

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