At any moment I am wielding control over several whores at one time!

Keeping so many men in various stages of sexual stimulation requires that I not only know the exact "place" a sub sits in My seductive torment, but I must allow Myself to stay in a state of constant desire.

The only way to truly control a cockwhore, is when I am operating at a higher level of sex and lust...opening Myself to hours of masturbating, doing calls, texting and making videos...never letting the fires inside Me fade.

I use each of My whores as FUEL.

But when things run so hot, there is always a chance of someone getting a little burnt...a side-effect of sensuality as intense and scorching hot as Mine.

Such was the STING that My bitch "payday" felt this week, when I worked him into a frenzy for HOURS...lurring him along in edging madness with the promise that he would get to have his favorite treat...watching Me fuck My wife.

Just as the camera was set to turn on for the show, he was left alone.

I was so pleased withy Myself...having fanned the flames of My own fuck-fire with his gooning antics, only to cut him off...thinking it was the perfect punishment for his recent failure to send Me some presents from My Amazon Giftlist as promised.

When he later begged to know why I had left him on mute, I was even more pleased to let him know it was PUNISHMENT!

But...as I went back in our text thread to provide proof of his failures, I realized that, in fact, I had misread the thread...he had not purchased the bobbles, he had only made the suggestion that he would.

Instead of viewing it as an error on My part...misreading the texts and not looking back sooner to verify...there is a still some sweet justice in the cruel punishment of denying him the sacred sight of Our sex.

Suggesting you will do something for Me, is worthless...a waste of My time...only your actions make you worthy of the gifts that I bestow!!!