I am the Queen of phonesex and I reign supreme almost every day!!!

While I am well known for My amazing videos and audio, it is My daily interaction of talking with My whores on the phone that gives Me the most enjoyment.

As the world rushes about in their 9to5 world, I wake up in the morning and start stroking...knowing there's a list of texts and emails from My minions, all wanting to submit...but I have a few bitches I use on a regular basis...fluffers to start My day.

Most mornings, I don't even need to get out of bed before I've spent an hour edging and making copious amounts of precum.

But I like to have several different subs working to give Me pleasure all day long.

So by mid afternoon, I will have been stroking for hours, having jumped from one call to another...3, 4, 5...each one bringing Me closer to cumming.

I know that My voice is very sexy...but also VERY powerful!

I know My sex is exciting...but also VERY intoxicating!

And I feel My power most when I am holding court on a call...simply enjoying indulging in My sex...no glam, no sexy outfits, no fancy lighting...just the daily (over)dose of sex addiction that keeps My shecock pouring out drips of deliciousness, that form ropes of sacred shiny precum.

It always starts so simple and before you know it, the clothes come off and I end up so VERY wet and after hours of stroking, I shoot the biggest loads!!!