I began posting videos in 2007...since then, both Myself and the world around Me has changed A LOT...luckily for Me, its always been to the better!

Over the years, Ive created some of the most iconic trans porn online and have become famous for turning men into cockwhores...plain and simple.

If you're here, you've seen My videos...and they affected you deeply.

Many subs find themselves caught in My sweet web of sex...and I continue to be an insatiable Goddess, needing to live in a world of total sexual indulgence.

Like many, I thought the birth of OnlyFans would make the "work" of creating content easier...cutting down on time I took coding pages, making thumbnails, adding tags, securing membership payments...which it did for a time. But the endless restrictions they have placed on the content and conversations is frustrating...and NO FUN.

So...Im turning back to running My Own members area!!!

I must be free to have the sex I say the nasty filthy hot things that make My shecock hard...unfiltered and able to express Myself and continue training My cockwhores properly.

With VIP, I know the whores that are here are true subs...not "fans".

When there are too many people watching, there is an invisible wall that inevitably causes a disconnection with others. But when you get to "step away in private", the electricity of connection ignites intense sexual exploration. Let the "fans" clammer...and I'll find pleasure in private 😉

I don't want to perform on a stage...I want to take over YOUR mind!!!