Its crazy to suddenly realize that I forgot all about My red sex bed!!!

When I began making videos, I had been having sessions in My NYC apartment for awhile...taking photos and filming flings...but when I officially decided to start creating porn to post online, I started to take a look at My "setting".

I didn't want to just show a standard bedroom (like many of the tube clips of the time), I wanted the viewer to feel how the whores in My presence actually they were submerged in My sex...surrounded by the sights and scents of My sex...entranced and enthralled by My a world of MY SEX.

This began with the sheets.

I don't recall making the decision, but I remember how exciting it was to setup the cameras, put on the special red sheets and wait for My subbie(s).

I've always said "sex is red"...and when I look back at these first years of filming, Im can see how My videos stood out right away and made a stroker click on to watch...being seduced by the vibrant red that was framing My sadistic and insatiable shecock adventures.