I can't help but assume that there's always a whore waiting to give Me pleasure!!!

Ive created a world of comfort, leisure and indulgence which has been all about getting what I want and using My Own sexual obsessions to stock My stable of sluts, who Ive trained to be on a rotation, so I can always have a toy to play with.

Is it selfish of Me to call a bitchboy late at night- waking him up even- just to torment while I stroke My shecock, edging to an orgasm?

To be honest, I don't even conceive it in that way...I simply know that at any moment, I can pluck up one of My admirers and make them do WHATEVER I WANT...that is, after all, their sole purpose in My world.

I don't want boyfriends, I want sextoys!

I don't want romantic relationships, I want minions that obey.

Does it make Me high maintenance because I can want so much and seemingly can never be satisfied...MAYBE...but 
that's why it takes so many whores to keep My world of sex and pampering spinning.

Don't you want to give Me what I want!?